X0 Downtime Packaged IoT of InSourceSolutions Implemented by C-Care

IoT Analytics
IoT Analytics

C-Care Overall Equipment Effectiveness Analysis gets a boost through X0 Downtime

C-Care is a manufacturing firm that produces products ranging from hair color to personal care including skincare.

InSource X0 Downtime Packaged IoT gives agility for flexibility in starting small and growing using their analytics platform. Mike Lanza, Technical Director at C-Care says,

“Currently, the way we are getting data into the system is extremely manual. Paper documentation is submitted to a supervisor and then it is manually entered into excel spreadsheet hours after the even actually occur”.

C-Care was just getting a guess of what happened or an estimate of the activity which slowed down their analysis process and integrity of data was also in question.

As the company manufactured products, their main asset are machines. “Previously availability or downtime of those machines was captured or not on paper” says Cornelius Grupp, President CEO C-Care.

A supervisor had to fill out pink slips for details and the data was very hard to read, very incoherent, not continuous and also we don’t know if it is true or not.

Check out more in this video about how X0 Downtime has helped C-Care upscale in a very short period. Let us know about your thoughts on how IoT can be used more in small and medium enterprises to increase functionality and growth.