Why IoT-Ignite: News and Useful Tips

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IoT at Ignite on November 4-8

A platform for “World of Things”. IoT-Ignite provides an open platform for developers and companies of any size who can participate to design, develop and deploy their own solutions to start monetization. The main aim of this is for companies and developers to understand how they can make Internet of Things smart, seamless and secure.

Next Ignite event will be happening in November from 4-8 at Orlando, Florida. Azure IoT team from Microsoft has lined up the plan to meet companies, give demos, run sessions and let all of them know what Microsoft can offer in Internet of Things space.

Ignite as we mentioned you are an open platform and can embrace 3rd party cloud/ solutions integration. It has offered a huge range of opportunities for integration development, using REST APIs for device and service cloud. The event will help the developers to generate open-source codes and give open hardware support. IoT-Ignite has open project called “Smart Green House Solution” the can be executed on Raspberry Pi 3. The source code is available for any to use, share or contribute.

Most of them worry about the event is not secure, but to let you know the security that they provide starts at your device level and up to the cloud an end-to-end secure platform. The smart edge gateway is cloud-authorized and acts as a trust point between sensors and the cloud. In the event of an attack, verification and certificate mechanisms prevent unauthorized applications from being installed on the gateway. Any communication between the sensors and gateway is authorized and the communication between gateway and cloud is encrypted with IES 256 encryption.

Pre-defined events will save time for service development as a rework or re-coding will not be required for applications by companies participating in the event and can just run the code to get the required solutions. In the IoT-Ignite event, open-source code for Time, Wi-Fi, Policy, and Fall Detection are available for use. These events are developed based on the data that are generated from sensors. What more, any Android device can be turned into a controllable gateway using Ignite-agent downloadable applications.

While developing a code, ready to use add-ons are provided to accelerate development. Add-ons range from physical devices such as sensors, or 3rd party integration and even codes that are developed by Ignite team. If this then that (IFTTT) will interwork for workflow with any solution developed at IoT-Ignite.

Android can be used as Internet of Things OS by using Ignite-agent which has lower barrier-to-entry with high ROI. Using this, developing an Internet of Things service will be as easy as making an Android App. There are abundant resources that are made available by android developer ecosystem and using them service development has become faster and easier. IoT-Ignite gives developers extended version of Android with 1800 APIs to make a head start.

Let us know in the comments below if you will be attending this event in November, if yes then check out more about the details on IoT-Ignite website to understand how easy and fast you can develop Internet of Things solutions.