Top 3 TRENDING IoT Devices 2019


Aumi Smart Night Lights

A smart rechargeable night light that can be controlled through an app from your phone or tablet. It has a whopping 16 million colour options. You can dim the light when you want or set custom timers and a motion activation sensor to switch if ON and OFF.

It is way more than just a night light.

Glance Smart Wall Clock

An upgrade to the same old clock- it can tell you weather, fitness control and schedule. Syncs with your phone easily, reminds you about important events and even shows who is calling.

What more, it can lay out your hectic day long meeting scheduled along with updates on Uber rides if you are travelling somewhere for a meeting.

Maybe Lily Chinese Speaker

Is a Chinese Assistant made with the help of trained Chinese professional teachers. It supports from beginner to advance level. Also, you can prepare for exams in Chinese. It also helps as companion app.

Maybe Lily helps you with translating English into Chinese. If you are feeling bored or want to learn how to converse in Chinese, then Maybe Lily is the best new mate in the room.

Want to hone your Chinese vocabulary skills, then this simple device is best which can start from the basics.  What more, you can also train your Chinese accent.