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Ethereum (ETH) – How to Invest

Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum works on smart contracts functionality which is Blockchain-based, open-source and public. Other than a cryptocurrency, Ethereum is a platform for developers to build applications using the decentralized platform. On Ethereum one can write codes that control digital value and run it as a program that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin in market cap and a must of many investor portfolios. The coin of Ethereum in market is known as Ether and also required by anyone who wants to use the ETH platform. Mining Ether is same as Bitcoin and also the same with trading worldwide. Instead of Ether, most of the people around the world call it as Ethereum to avoid confusion.

Buying Ether is very easy for investment. First of all and same as many in-line processes of digital currency one has to make a wallet to start. This wallet will be used to store Ether. Basically many use wallets to save, send or receive coins and it is wise to buy a wallet before starting investment in Ether.

There are many wallets in the market to store Ether but check and choose wisely before buying an Ethereum wallet. Some of them are popular hardware and software wallets. Hardware wallets are TREZOR and Ledger to store Ether and hardware wallets are more secure to store cryptocurrency and are chosen by most of the big investors in the market. Some of the popular Ether software wallets are Jaxx, MyEtherWallet, and Exodus. Compared to hardware, software wallets are free of cost and are less secure and they are continuously connected to the internet. But software wallets are good for new investors as one cannot invest in hardware at the beginning.

Buying Ethereum is possible through exchanges, there are several exchanges in the market but to make good money, extensive research is required before you purchase from a particular exchange. Getting Ether from a good exchange is better rather than buying and waiting for making profits.

After good research in market, coin base is found to be a good and trusted exchange to buy Ether but you should do your own research to come to any conclusions. Buying through coinbase is also cheap and you can also open an account. Money can be loaded into coinbase using credit card or Paypal. This process is very convenient as it is secure and hassle-free with coinbase. Once you have purchased Ether from coinbase, you can withdraw that in the wallet you own as investors should never leave their coins on exchanges and it is wise to secure them in wallets.


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