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Cryptography: What is it and why it is important?

Security using Cryptography
Security using Cryptography

Cryptography used to transmit information

Cryptography is technology being widely used as Blockchain in organizations to store and transmit data in a secure manner by safeguarding it from attackers. Permission Blockchain is one of the methods that ensure that only the person granted permission access to the ledger can view, edit and store data. Using cryptography the communication can done in such a way that only the intended recipient can read the message. It is achieved by converting data into a different form known as ciphertext or code. This process is called encryption and process to retrieve data is call decryption using keys known as passwords.

In organization the requirement of security has become more important in recent years, previously it was security for physical documents but now the data is being stored in digital format and is transmitted as same. The security of information felt to be valuable to an organization was provided primarily by physical and administrative documents, before the widespread of data processing equipment. An example of the latter is personnel screening procedures used during hiring process. An example of the former is the use of rugged filing cabinets with a combination lock for storing sensitive documents.

Security using Cryptography

Computers are being widely used in all countries to store critical personal information about a citizen or by an organization to store financial and policy documents. Hence, it has become mandatory to protect files and other information which is prone to attacks as this valuable information can be used to gain many benefits by intruders. Cryptography, as discussed earlier, is a science that applies complex mathematics and logic to design encryption methods. With cryptography the confidence of people in the electronic world increases. Business can happen without the worry of deceit and deception. The simplest example of cryptography is transformation of information to prevent others from observing its meaning.

Cryptography prevents data to reach attackers in a usable format. In information protection, confidentiality is seen as the most important aspect and so methods to protect it also have to be very robust. Using this technology, Blockchain transfers data to employees located anywhere in the world without comprising strategic goal of security for an organization. With Blockchain organization can create duplicate copies of data and if any attacker was lucky enough (which is near to impossible) to edit the data and do any harm, the original data can be extracted and safeguard customer interests.

Use of this technology is access control is also increasing in recent times to regulate access in satellites and cable TV. Without this secure technology, hackers can easily gain access to our phone lines and listen to what we are speaking, get free cable service, or even break into our bank/ brokerage accounts through e-mails. Cryptography is an important way to achieve data confidentiality, user authentication, and data integrity. As no security is perfect, cryptography prevents unauthorized users from reading data or making undetectable alterations.


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