Blockchain: Genius of Things Summit February 2017

Blockchain: Genius of Things Summit

Food Safety and Blockchain with Walmart and IBM

John Cohn speaks about Blockchain at Genius of Things Summit, he is an IBM Fellow for the Internet of Things and a scientist. He explains briefly about the Blockchain and says that it is not owned by any single party and is democratized. This means that it can be accessed by everyone around the globe.

Most of the businesses today use ERP systems. There is a whole lot of in-efficiency with decision making, a lot of documents and lack of transparency which creates more friction among users. Also, vulnerable to attacks internally or externally as anyone can change records.

Now, when we speak about Blockchain, it gives everyone identical copies of that data- by everyone John means enterprises in the context.

IBM has developed Hyperledger which is a permission Blockchain and is designed for enterprises.  Anyone who is part of this will have access to data that they have permission to use.

Frank Yiannas, VP of Food Safety at Walmart speaks about how IBM Blockchain changed how Walmart handled food. Going a bit back in history and explaining food system, he also talked about how contaminated food items has disrupted farmers over the years in the USA; a concept explained using Achilles ’ Heel.

To check out what these experts has talked about in the summit, watch this video and let us know if really Blockchain can help improve food systems.