A Decentralized Technology: Blockchain Applications in HealthCare

How Blockchain can help healthcare industry grow
How Blockchain can help healthcare industry grow

Blockchain applications in Real Time Healthcare

The healthcare industry has adopted technologies very cautiously. They have to keep in mind lots of privacy policies and personal detail safeguards of their patients. We can’t say that healthcare industry adopted Blockchain very slowly too but can say they adopted keeping in mind all of their industry standards.

Blockchain is a decentralized technology where data is saved as documents across various computers duplicating it so that it is safe. Blockchain to serve enterprises have come up with a permissible policy where only the person having the required permission can view or edit the records. Also, it has become a good redundant technology to say when there is an outage in one country and data gets lots, it still can be recovered from other computers in the network without issues.

The healthcare industry focuses majorly on information blocking so that they keep patients data secure, many healthcare personnel have issues when it comes to interoperability. They cannot access patient’s information that easily but thanks to Blockchain technology, it can be done now from across the globe.

Check out this video to know more how Blockchain can help healthcare industry grow.


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