Machine Learning: Demand in the Future

Machine Learning Demand in the Future
Machine Learning Demand in the Future

One of sought after career today is Machine Learning. According to a report by Gartner, ML will create 2.3 million jobs by 2020. Also, research by LinkedIn shows that there were 9.8 times more engineers working on Machine Learning compared to 5 years ago. They say that Data Science and ML are creating more jobs in the market than candidates’ available right now making it the fastest growing technology for employment today.

Research and development of algorithms are most sought after position in the adaptive systems that ML uses to gather data. Scientists are building models to predict product suggestions and product demand and then explore Big Data to extract patterns. Job titles that are listed on the various job search platforms are Machine Learning Engineer, Machine Learning Analyst, NLP Data Scientist, Machine Learning Scientist, and Data Sciences Lead.

Salaries in this new technology market are also higher compared to other digital technologies in the market. With a sound knowledge of data science and few years of experience, one can get a salary of around $5000 to $8000 per month. For any smart device which customer uses the demand for this technology is very high in order to study the purchasing, browsing activities of customers. We believe that this is the right time to enter this technology and grow with it as it touches new heights in the consumer market.

Skills that one requires to become a machine learning professional are Data Structures, algorithms development, computational and complexity understand and computer architecture knowledge. ML professionals should focus on computer languages such as C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, and Scala. The engineer will have to design and develop ML applications/ algorithms.

ML jobs in the US and abroad include Machine Learning Engineer, Data Architect, Data Scientist, Data Mining Specialists, Cloud Architects, and Cyber Security Analysts, and many more.  Machine Learning Jobs for fresher may include the job of a data analyst or data scientist.

Future of Machine Learning looks promising, with an urgent need of professionals with knowledge of deep learning and Artificial Intelligence to match job requirements. To stay update to date in the ML environment one has to keep learning and developing in tools, theory, and algorithms. Online communities are great places to know about these changes. Also, read a lot: read articles on Google Map-Reduce, Google File System, Google Big Table, and The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data. You will get plenty of free Machine Learning books online. Practice problems, coding competitions, and hackathons are a great way to hone your machine learning skills.


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