Artificial Intelligence and Web Applications

Web Applications with Artificial Intelligence
Web Applications with Artificial Intelligence

Automation of Web Applications with Artificial Intelligence

Many of the companies today are moving towards Automation of their applications. Especially the ones in customer service or service industry are looking ways to automate monotonous works using Artificial Intelligence.

Karthik from Execute Automation speaks about how AI can help in automating Web Applications and how this technology can make the organization to think beyond just automation.

AI has been around for a decade and works were going on in the background to improve its uses and how that technology can adapt human intelligence. Results showed that AI had the capacity to learn by themselves using machine learning like robots get more intelligent to carry out jobs which humans did. But still they lack empathy, so not to worry that Robots will replace humans in the job industry sooner as it requires more work.

There are many AI testers in the market and they are working on new human interactions that can be incorporated in Bots to reduce the manual labor done in IT companies. In this video below check out what are those testing companies and how they work to code data into AI machines.


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