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  • Machine Learning and the future of Education

    Machine Learning and the future of Education

    Machine Learning was started with the concept that based on algorithms the machines will learn by themselves without human intervention. Learning can do the magic of all kinds, be it for humans or for bots. Technology is advancing at a very high pace in world today- both for good and bad. ML learns from examples […] More

  • Blockchain and Cyber Security

    Blockchain and Cyber Security

    Demand for Blockchain technology among organizations is increasing daily but critics of technology always remain to ask about scalability, sustainability and of course security. No one can claim that their network is 100% secured be it of any entity- and as we read this there might be numerous attacks happening across the world to steal […] More

  • Machine Learning for Entrepreneurs

    Machine Learning- Is it a game-changer for Entrepreneurs

    Whenever there is a change in the market to improve the way we live, Entrepreneurs play a vital role in innovation and the new technology Machine Learning will revolutionize the way we actually think and better predict based on data analysis. We believe that ML will make humans live better and add value to society. […] More

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Big data a name largely associated with Machine Learning. For a bot to learn and develop it needs data containing patterns, expressions and program details that are fed in from of data. Big Data will help companies make informed decisions based on analytics and solve problems while benefiting them in the run to achieve their […] More

  • Machine Learning in Enterprise

    Machine Learning in Enterprise

    The number of test projects for Machine Learning and AI that are being deployed in Enterprise are less than 10% as of now according to a recent report from International Institute for Analytics. You would be surprised to see that such small amount of project getting initiated instead of the hype in market but it […] More

  • Blockchain Technology in Real EstateBlockchain Technology in Real Estate

    Blockchain Technology in Real Estate

    Bringing real estate transaction under the Blockchain technology will help to boost business. Across the globe in this industry builders don’t have much control over the building information being shared across the platform by third-party companies to market and bring investors. Blockchain can increase transparency in purchase and sale process along with benefits of increased […] More

  • Future of Cryptocurrency

    Future of Cryptocurrency

    Digital currency that is being created and managed by using the advanced technique of cryptography is known as cryptocurrency. In 2017 which was considered to be the best time for Bitcoin, investors poured in $6.2 Billion in the industry but that same year also saw many new currencies being launched and taking the center stage. […] More

  • Ethereum (ETH)

    Ethereum (ETH) – How to Invest

    Ethereum works on smart contracts functionality which is Blockchain-based, open-source and public. Other than a cryptocurrency, Ethereum is a platform for developers to build applications using the decentralized platform. On Ethereum one can write codes that control digital value and run it as a program that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. ETH […] More

  • Best Cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrency to look out for in 2019

    Cryptocurrency started making waves even before we thought that such decentralized currency can bring in people to work on it, but rather the cryptography process made it possible. Cryptography is an encryption method that makes the data secure from attackers. Privacy is the main criterion of cryptocurrency that came into circulation as it obscures the […] More

  • Security using Cryptography

    Cryptography: What is it and why it is important?

    Cryptography used to transmit information Cryptography is technology being widely used as Blockchain in organizations to store and transmit data in a secure manner by safeguarding it from attackers. Permission Blockchain is one of the methods that ensure that only the person granted permission access to the ledger can view, edit and store data. Using […] More

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