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  • Evolution of Machine Learning

    Why is Machine Learning Important?

    Insights into Evoluiton of Machine Learning Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data. It can automate analytical model building of data analysis to make decisions and identify patterns with minimal human intervention. Machine Learning of today is not the same as it was in […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence Creates Jobs

    Will Artificial Intelligence Create Jobs?

    Reasons why Artificial Intelligence is important for you There is a big hype in the market that Artificial Intelligence will take away jobs of human when it gets fully operational. You might have also heard that AI can do tasks that are done by humans more efficient and error-free. In actual AI is not going […] More

  • Artificial Intelligence in Museums

    Discussion: Artificial Intelligence and Museums in the 21st Century

    Artificial Intelligence uses data efficiently to develop solutions. Where can it get more and more data rather than from history itself? Museums hold lot of information which humans get information about events in history and this interaction with data can be captured as facial expression using recognition technology that can be used by machines of […] More

  • IoT News

    Why IoT-Ignite: News and Useful Tips

    IoT at Ignite on November 4-8 A platform for “World of Things”. IoT-Ignite provides an open platform for developers and companies of any size who can participate to design, develop and deploy their own solutions to start monetization. The main aim of this is for companies and developers to understand how they can make Internet […] More

  • IoT (internet of things) Azure

    Azure Digital Twins Adds Value to Azure IoT

    Azure Digital Twins Creates Virtual Spaces of Real Spaces with IoT Microsoft’s new PaaS Azure Digital Twins service creates smarter spaces with use of spatial intelligence solutions that use analytics and modeling. Virtual Spaces are created of the real environment using the data collected from various sources. In the IoT of Microsoft Developer, Olivia speaks […] More

  • Dataset for Machine Learning

    Machine Learning Data Set Requirements

    How Dataset is needed for Machine Learning Model Data is the basic need of any machine where we talk about developing it into an Artificial Intelligence type of device. A programmer has to have a plan of what they want the machine to perform and has to feed data of only that kind, but as […] More

  • Web Applications with Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence and Web Applications

    Automation of Web Applications with Artificial Intelligence Many of the companies today are moving towards Automation of their applications. Especially the ones in customer service or service industry are looking ways to automate monotonous works using Artificial Intelligence. Karthik from Execute Automation speaks about how AI can help in automating Web Applications and how this […] More

  • How Blockchain can help healthcare industry grow

    A Decentralized Technology: Blockchain Applications in HealthCare

    Blockchain applications in Real Time Healthcare The healthcare industry has adopted technologies very cautiously. They have to keep in mind lots of privacy policies and personal detail safeguards of their patients. We can’t say that healthcare industry adopted Blockchain very slowly too but can say they adopted keeping in mind all of their industry standards. […] More

  • AI and the Travel Industry

    Travel Marketing: How can AI benefit Travel Industry

    New Technology AI and the Travel Industry Many organizations believe that customer support can be put on “autopilot” along with campaigns using AI. Potential for new technology like AI and Machine Learning is gaining momentum to streamline a variety of activities like marketing, David Bessis, Founder and CEO at Tinyclues speaks in an interview session […] More

  • AI to keep a check on your Cat

    Using AI to keep a check on your Murderous Cat

    Intelligent Technologies are a Savior Cat owners have faced this problem in the middle of the night or even in the day when they bring in a Rat, a murderous Cat in the house. Have ruined your sleep with scary images of bloody Rat or messed up your intimate time with partner. It will not […] More

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